A low level of progesterone can influence the success of the embryo transfer

A low level of progesterone can influence the success of the embryo transfer

The Reproduction Medicine Service of Dexeus Mujer has carried out a retrospective study on a sample of 244 patients to determine whether women who have a low level of progesterone in the blood just the day before performing the embryo transfer have a higher rate of abortions or gestational losses compared to those who presented a normal level of this hormone.

To accomplish this, the team produced a study with patients who had to perform an artificial endometrial preparation for the transfer of previously frozen chromosomally normal embryos, which consists of the administration of both oestradiol and vaginal micronized progesterone. To assess the impact of the hormones in the receptivity of the uterus, the researchers established four levels of progesterone in the blood the day before the transfer: Q1: ≤ 8.06 ng/ml; Q2: 0807-10.64 ng/ml; Q3: 10.65-13.13 ng/ml; Q4: > 1313 ng/ml.

The researchers found that the patients included in the lowest level of progesterone registered an abortion rate significantly higher than those with higher progesterone levels. Therefore, they concluded that the presence of a low level of progesterone in the blood (≤ 10.64 ng/ml) just a day before the embryo transfer of pre-frozen embryos chromosomally normal is associated with a lower rate of pregnancy and births.

Low serum progesterone the day prior to frozen embryo transfer of euploid embryos is associated with significant reduction in live birth rates

S. Gaggiotti-Marre, F. Martinez, L.Coll , S. Garcia, M. Alvarez, M. Parriego, P. N. Barri, N. Polyzos & B. Coroleu
Gynecological Endocrinology. Published online: 26 Dec 2018


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