The response to ovarian stimulation depends primarily on age

The response to ovarian stimulation depends primarily on age

Ovarian stimulation treatments to preserve fertility in patients diagnosed with cancer should be performed at least two weeks before initiating the oncological treatment. The advantage is that currently with the new "Random start" stimulation protocols it can be started at any stage of the menstrual cycle. But how should it be carried out to optimize the results? Is there any technique or method that allows to improve the quality of the obtained ovules?

Biologist Beatriz Carrasco of Dexeus Mujer gave a pre-congress course at the Annual Meeting of ESHRE, the largest European society of reproductive medicine, to update information on this subject. According to the data provided, studies show that the response to stimulation and oocyte quality depend more on the age of the patient and their ovarian reserve, than on the moment in which treatment is initiated. The proof of this is that no differences have been detected in the results between the oncological patients who initiate stimulation in the luteal phase and those who perform it according to the classical stimulation, in the follicular phase.

Pre-congress course:
Fertility preservation: “Egg quality: can we optimize this in patients with cancer?”

Speaker: Beatriz Carrasco, biologist of Dexeus Mujer