A paper compiles the latest internationally recognised recommendations on fertility preservation

A paper compiles the latest internationally recognised recommendations on fertility preservation

Although there is a general consensus regarding the need to offer information on fertility preservation treatments to everyone whose reproductive capacity might be affected, it is not easy, since this field includes techniques which are still considered experimental. Furthermore, given the circumstances surrounding this type of treatments, many recommendations are based on studies on concrete case series, case reports or small, non-randomised clinical trials.

For this reason, Dr. Francisca Martínez, director of the R + D Department of the Clinical Division of Dexeus Mujer has published a paper compiling the latest internationally recognised recommendations from three of the most important benchmark companies in this field: International Society of Fertility Preservation, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), based on a workshop with 20 fertility preservation experts held in Barcelona two years ago, which covered a revision of all relevant published papers.

In line with these recommendations, people suffering from medical conditions, taking medical or hormonal treatments or requiring surgery with the capacity to damage sexual cells or compromise their fertility (including the transgender community) must receive appropriate advice on the options available and the fertility preservation treatments based on each case. To achieve this, the document outlines the various indications for FP - including both medical and non-medical causes - and indicates the latest scientific and technical evidence, controversial aspects and relevant ethical debates, so that professionals can have access to up-to-date information for each set of circumstances and personal situation of their patients. The paper also mentions the possible application and utility of certain techniques which are still in the research phase, such as the development of artificial ovaries, fertility protective agents or gametes from stem cells.


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