The prestige that Dexeus University Hospital enjoys with the medical scientific community, and its teaching vocation, attract many professionals from all continents, eager to learn a particular technique through the various internship programs of the department.

Continuing education - Internships

Assistant seats are offered at:

  • Reproductive medicine service
  • Obstetrics service
  • Gynecology service
  • Oncological gynecology and mastology
  • Urogynecology
  • Obstetric-gynecological ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis
  • Gynecological diagnostic imaging
  • Colposcopy and lower genital tract
  • Endoscopic gynecology
  • Cytology laboratory
  • IVF, DGP, criopreservation and andrology laboratories (only for biologists)

Languages: Spanish  Spanish Catalan  Catalan English  English Italian  Italian French  French

The duration is determined by the availability of each Service but in no case will it be less than 1 week or more than 3 months.

The Teaching Commission of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction (HUD) reserves the right to accept the submitted Assistance requests. For these purposes, said applications will be studied and reviewed at the Teaching Commission meeting, the result of this selection process being communicated to the applicant's email.

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